Sunday, 17 November 2019

Necromunda Game - Blackstone Progress - 3D Legacy

On Thursday last (14th Nov) we had a game of Necromunda, possibly our second 'real' game.

And the first using the new wall blocks. Also our first game for well over a month, aka, a bit rusty on the rules.
Put together a 6 section map and ran full 10 person gangs. We've kind of developed a liking for an 'under the aircon duct' area at Good Games, and they seem happy to have something different being played. Actually there was a game of SW Legion going on adjacent to us as well. Go tabletop wargames!!

vs Enforcers...
At about turn 4 the Enforcers bottled out, having lost 3 or 4 casualties by then; then fleeing and leaving 3 models on the table, one of which was seriously injured. So we called the game there, wasn't much to be gained from continuing once an obviously decisive point is reached. Lots of pretty poor dice rolls by both sides.
Apart from scrubbing the rust off our rules knowledge were were also trying different rules and load-out options etc. Trying to push our (so far) limited knowledge. Overall it was educational and enjoyable. Looking forward to the next game.

The gangs looked the part, and the walls helped add a sense of 'enclosing'  or inside a hive (or maze even) IMO.
Added a splash of ink and dry brush here and there. Might end up adding a bit more to strengthen the effect.

The store manager was taking happy snaps of the game diversity going on during the evening. Fair enough.

Motivation for hobby stuff has been fairly low. Not that there's anything else significant taking it's place, but it seems that until there's an even requiring progress, not progress is happening. More or less of course.

With the new cultists and rogue trader hitting the board recently the sight of unpainted models made me cringe a little.
So the rogue trader is done. Standard 'looks better in real life' disclaimer applies.

The run-of-the-mill cultists are also done.

And these guys got left behind at some stage. At the moment i'm using the 'paint batches of colours' method.
Will get to these guys next. I did make a couple of really small adjustments here. The Fire Brand had an over the top flame from the flame thrower stick. I knifed this down to a more manageable size - it's just going to get snapped off in the box for sure. Similarly there was an wispy antenna on the tech-priest which has been smoothed over after it snapped off. Was to delicate - nice, but unmanageable.

I managed to pick up one of the original Epic Armageddon rule books over the last week, just for nostalgia sake. There's also interesting hobby stuff in there that is often overlooked when the rules stuff is referenced (online). I'm also researching alternative scenarios.

I've finally been making progress printing the stormravens - the final models for the Black Templars army.
They are proving problematic (wow, what a change). i think the vat film is a bit loose or something. Printing in the middle is causing a lot of warping and or lift, which is really unusual given how solid previous prints were. Printing toward the edge seems to be alleviating the issue (fingers and toes crossed).
This is a 3rd party model (i.e. someone else's) off thingiverse and i'm not entirely convinced of the underside which is the bit that needs to stick. Nice enough model though, just technically challenging to print (i think the landing gear makes a small sliver of space that creates a print gap).
Anyway, i'm getting results so far so just keep chugging away with it.

[update 20191119: the machine spirit was looking favourably on this project and i now have bodies and wings. Just tails to go which (famous last words) should be quick and painless.]
[update 20191120: aaaaaahhhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaar]
[update 20191121: got 18 tails printed and, 'oh yeah, bases'. which means... drum roll please... the Black Templar army is finally finished... printing. some assembly and painting still required but the 'unknown'/'tentative' aspect is done. so, this project took from 20190525 - 20191121 based on the first pic of a printed unit i have.]

Have assembled the attack bikes. Need to assemble neophytes. need to finish the landers. All the spray painted stuff is still 'curing'  :)   and will/may probably remain that way until the final models are ready for painting. Either than or a mad dash to finish pieces for Cancon (decided to play this year, well, next year).

Back to the model... when i was getting ready to print up the Stormravens i had a fresh look at thingiverse for a better model than what i'd done. And was happy to find something that looked suitable.

I noticed that it was 'based' on my old model. Fun!

Obviously a lot of changes between then and now and i'm not taking credit for their work etc (i'm sure if there was nothing there they could have started from scratch).
I guess the thought is that it's nice that models have/can develop and improve when they're shared and built together. Building something better (or more tech/resolution appropriate) based on the previous generations of models etc.

I'm also glad i didn't have to remodel the existing version.

Until next time...

Monday, 4 November 2019

CoD - November '19 Game Day - Megageddon

On Saturday 2nd November we had Company of Dice game day.

Megageddon was our scheduled event - aka   Epic Armageddon with  2 vs 2 player teams on (slightly) oversized boards.

Turned out well. We had 10 players all up which meant 2 tables with 4 players, and 1 table with just 2 players (though we still used the larger tables and ran 2 armies each).

Ship got a showing...

Another player kitted this table out fully...

And pipeline/church/forest...
Actually by the time the tables were set (above), i had zero terrain pieces left in the box which was a novelty (and somewhat satisfying).

The parameters for the games, objectives, setup, special rules etc all seemed to work ok. There were some suggestions for alternative options which seemed worthwhile (i'm happy to try them at future events) - but basically everything went as planned. 

Games started up around the 10-10:30am mark.

The first game was our two Newcastle visitors (both with flavours of chaos marines) vs guard (krieg) and imperial knights. This game finished off relatively quickly, somewhere between 2 and 3pm.
Here we had two of the country's most experienced players vs two virtual neophytes, so the results weren't entirely unexpected.
However, i'm reasonably confident that our guys will have learned a tonne about the game from their match up, plus hopefully garnered that epic people are pretty friendly where ever you go.
Many thanks to the Newcastle guys...

The second game was the 1 vs 1 table, which had ork gargants and chaos marines  vs  imperial titans and codex marines [my forces].  We called a draw on turn 3 at around 4pmish.

The third game was two eldar armies vs codex marines and imperial titans. This ran until 4:30-5pm before winding down.   Was called at turn 3 with a slight eldar victory.

Below... gargants/chaos vs titans/marines - just about to rumble...

Notes and Observations...

As far as i can tell everyone had a good time. I'd very much like to pencil this in as an annual event and the general consensus was 'aye'.

Probably too long to play team games frequently.
The double the players = double the time was probably true on average.
Rules lawyers took substantially longer and i guess more players = more discussions.
The 1:1 game we played (with experienced players) seemed to flow more continuously given less interaction and the requirement of combined decision making (i would still like to be part of a 2:2 at some stage).

With more flexibility as to match ups i could have come up with some better options but there were too many people who wanted to play in 'set teams' (which is fine as well).

The mission objectives worked as planned (read; perfectly). They'd work on regular size battles/tables and for 1 on 1 games. Looking forward to giving that a try. A worthwhile alternative to standard 'tournament rules'. 

The board extensions were solid enough. Have donated them to the club for future events - our or other games.

I would like to make proper sized mats to avoid the half:half looking tables which is !gak! ugly. however, one of the mats we used (borrowed from club) was the canvas/silicon that i had contemplated using. The dices skid and slide horribly on it so i'm not as sure about that anymore.  not an urgent project anyway. 

And that's about it. Was a good event IMO. Ran easily and without drama, which was more a testament to the players than 'the organising' which was minimal.

There is news in the wind of other players in the area who are interested. Based on prior experience i'll let that unfold as it may.  Maybe next year we can actually fill 3 full tables (maybe more!!).

Hopefully the spectacle that we put on will be enough to convince other players that not only is Epic something fun (and big) to be a part of, but also that the scene is alive, kicking, and growing in the area. huzzah!

Until next time...

Monday, 28 October 2019

New Templars - pt9 - Batch Paintings

So all that printing that happened in part 7 is now painted up.

Dreadnoughts. Pretty happy with these.

Vindicators. Very happy with these.

Rhinos, 2 formations worth. Largely indifferent about these.

Drop pods - closed. The two at the front at dreadnought sized. Liking these.

Drop pods - open. could possibly do with a tiny bit more detail... perhaps a ledge on the inner floor. Pretty happy for a first attempt though.

Deathstorm Drop Pods. Happy enough with these. Probably prefer the 'full stripes' to the partial stripes on the originals.

So this is everything i've built so far. Unfortunately this is about 1/2 the full army. Strike Cruiser should probably be included at this stage as well.

There is of course more than enough to run the army in a game - plenty of points there, however some of the mandatory formations are missing - specifically, need more Tacticals.

With these off the painting table it's time for the next batch to get the army 'legal'.

I've been assembling and preparing the next batch (the last big block to be done, with some final units still to be printed) over the last couple of weeks.

Matt spray.

Sword brethren (and a couple of sticks of chaplain) - these are going to look rad when they're done.  Poor lighting, poor photography and too much red in the previous pics didn't do them justice but there's enough detail in these sticks to give them a bunch of character.

I mounted the xiphons on some left over acrylic rod and some throw away bases for spray painting. At some stage (possibly after null oil washes, or even dry brushing) i'll snap the rods out and replace them with transparent rods instead.

The land speeders will also be on transparent acrylic rods. so base painting them unmounted as well.

Bikes, fairly plain. There are 2 'sergeants' with chainswords, 2 stands where the bikes are turning/leaning/banking, and 1 stand where a guy is popping a mono - just for variety.

So as well as the above there are also 5 formations of Tacticals * in the batch, and also the 3rd thunderhawk.

* The army list requires a certain ratio of Tactical formations before you can take specialist formations. So you need to take 1 Tactical formation and then you can take e.g. 1 Terminator formation and 1 Predator formation.

I started cleaning up the green stuff on the 2 landing craft. just scraping, sanding and slicing. 1 is done, the other to do.    just a matter of getting around to it, nothing overly taxing.

I started printing the neophyte models.  2 print batches done out of 4 all up.   Decided i want 3 sets of 6 stands - 18 stands with 5 models a piece = 90 models (print batch contains 25 models).
i frankensteined some guard model bits onto some marines models in sketchup and came up with 5 neophyte models. they're actually printing almost perfectly (weapons included). Will probably interject a 'real' marine on each stand or perhaps every second stand for variety.
The neophytes technically (not that you'd see it) don't have pauldrons, the marine helmets, and no backpack. apart from that they're more or less the same.

Just have neophyte, storm ravens and attack bikes to print and that's the army done. so quite close.

[Update 20191031]
managed to get the neophytes and attack bikes done after the printer flat-out decided it wasn't printing at all on tuesday.

guess which ones were new resin and which got the left overs...

just massed storm ravens to go!!!

Until next time...

New Templars - pt8 - Strike Cruiser

"I'm sure i heard a 'never again' when it comes to big ol' ships," i hear you say.

Yeah, that's still the case. However...

However, i am pouring a whole bunch of time, effort and resin into the new army's Strike Cruiser.

My old Templar army had an 'upscale' BFG ship as its generic/token space craft (could represent a strike cruiser or a battle barge... whatever).

This is based on the same model with...some substantial changes.

Looks weird, and you have some weird extra axes.

If only...

So now the the ship is split into two main pieces with a hollow in the centre that holds a frickin' laser.

This is used to mark the SC bombardment zone or drop site for drop pods etc. 

"you mad man."


To be fair, i did sketchup the model and take dimensions and make sure i could get magnets and all that kind of background research before printing a single damn thing. And generally thing are going to the big-picture plan - even if the fine details are requiring some percussive maintenance.

There are/were several issues that make the project... effectively non-reproducable. By this i mean i can't just crank our prints and they fit together (ha, haha, hahahaaaaahahahaaaha... funny guy).

There's a bunch of sculpting, fitting, scraping, cursing, gluing (resin and fingers), sanding, eye-rolling and general 'hobbying' involved.

- the switch part is not right.  it work on the sketchup model but in real life, nope. i'm going to need to either redesign the switch and carve out a bunch of the internal wall of the recess... or extend the button so it reached through... or something (tba). 

- The entire flat surface was out (missing from the print *) by about 1-2mm on both pieces. This means i needed to print a 2mm 'gasket' which has been glued to one of the pieces.

whenever i'm thinking i've got a handle on the print process a little electronic gremlin pops out and screams 'that's what you think !!

i've added rafts to all of the pieces to help adhesion to the build plate, but this is somehow being incorporated into the height of the model... i just don't understand what the software thinks it's doing.  frustrating.
you'd expect it to print what you've modelled... what's on the screen... and what the slicer says it's going to print... [shakes head]

anyway, i like puzzles and this one is well underway. it's engineering and crafting and generally frustrating but fun. but never again  :) 

While the sides both have magnets set flush to the surface (more or less, needs to be fixed) this is just to stop it fall apart in your hands. it will be secured fore and aft with tiny nuts and bolts as the 'permanent connection'... once all the switching stuff is resolved.

This bolt holes are then covered by some guns at the front and the engines at the rear. All of which are magnetised too.

The ship (once completed) with be mounted using some of the acrylic rod i've not (same stuff as for the BT fliers) and a 60mm acrylic disk i had leftover from BSF. 

[update 20191024]

soooo, all the bits are now in place. magnets are set and working all the assembly is pretty much done.

the (manually) re-engineered laser switch works fine and consistently. everything comes apart and back together in a controlled (non-fall apart in your hands) way.

the only bits missing are 2x 2mm nut and bolt and the mirror for the laser. will pick up a cheap mirror this evening (game sess and top ryde). bunnings... apparently don't have anything in 2mm (not surprising) will try jaycar... 

settled for this magnet configuration for the rear covers. could have printed another piece. still could and glue to this one... couldn't be bothered for now.

[update 20191029] i was bothered later on - printed the extra pieces and fixed it all up. easy job.

the front covers work fine. not a precision fit but good enough.

really want to get some paint on this to make it look less crappy.

[update 20191029]
This is the original version of the ship i use for Epic...

This is the new version...
not a huge size difference but it is noticeable.

So this is about as much as i ended up being bothered with the painting. Probably could do some more... but this works for now. 

laser off...

laser on...

here you can see the little port on the underside where the laser comes out. 

the laser doesn't 'spill' through the model like it did when unpainted - kinda glowed in that mirror section. as expected. also there not too many gaps at the major connection facing so it doesn't spill out there either.
not that the connections or join is perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

so couldn't find a super-small bolt-nut combination in my spares but did managed to find just some suitable bolts. heated them up a little and cut them into the resin. works well enough.

the stands are just glued in place. seems strong enough. treat with due respect and they shouldn't need reinforcement. 

i reseated the mirror to get a slightly better beam. it's not super crisp (though it's far better) but that wasn't really expected, and probably not possible given the size of things in there - it's actually reflecting though the side of the glass not the face so not ideal but there's no room to move in there.
i also dropped some super-glue onto the laser casing to ensure it doesn't move. was causing issues with the switch as it rotated sometimes. not too much glue so should be able to crack it loose if needs batteries or whatever.

just letting the paint harden up a bit but basically it's done... reminds me i should put some clear finish on it as well.  almost done.

Until next time...

Monday, 21 October 2019

Chapter Summary - Angel Spear

[just a compilation of fluff i had. a place to accumulate such stuff.]

Angel Spear

The origins, history and operations of the Angel Spear Astartes Chapter are largely unknown. What is known is accumulated from a few scattered snippets, records, and recounted observations.

The Angel Spear are believed to be a Codex compliant chapter.

They are believed to originate from the Segmentum Pacificus.

Colour Scheme and Iconography
At a quick glance the Chapter could be easily confused with the ubiquitously renown Imperial Fist Chapter based solely on colour. This could belie a possible origin.

However, the ‘Angel’ in the Chapter name could imply ties to the Blood Angels and the angel [Sanguinius].

To make the matter even less clear, the Chapter icon bears striking similarities to the Dark Angels icon.

The Chapter’s livery (as described from sightings of their fleet and armour) is based on a solid gold undertone with highlights of red-bronze.

Operations - Fleet
The Angel Spear are known to operate at least one mid-sized fleet. The Chapter’s warships were involved in the Lockhead Campaign within the Turbidious Sector. Here they worked with the Imperial Navy’s Battlefleet Raphael commanded by Admiral Sheila Aranaxi.

The fleet is lead by High Captain Tane Jomaro aboard the Battle Barge Maximus. At least five Strike Cruisers make up the bulk of the fleet, and there are an assortment of escorts and support ships.

There are two recorded battles involving the fleet (both acknowledged as successful):

i) A convoy mission where a section of the fleet was tasked with escorting some vital supplies through chaos infested region.
   Under the command of Captain Tanau [Cpt Tanau – The Perfect Strike, Cpt Baranat – Baroda’s Skull] they managed to thwart the Chaos forces attempts to cripple the supply ships, though loses were taken.

ii) A Seek and Destroy mission where the full force of the fleet was tasked with destroying a large Chaos build up.  The fleet smashed into their Chaos opponents causing significant harm, then sent the remnants of the foe fleeing from the system.
   These engagements were not without lose and the fleet is currently refitting and repairing before embarking on the next mission.

Operations – Other
A single member of the Angel Spear Chapter was recorded as taking part in somewhat nefarious operations aboard the Blackstone Fortress at Precipice in the Segmentum Pacificus.

The few records that exist note the operative as ‘Quaesitor Daram Rogan’.

The marine is believed to be a Sergeant based on markings (red stripe on helmet), but a specialist qualified in such matters suggest a brevet rank of Lieutenant may have been issued due to markings on his armour (the skull on the left pauldron).
The title ‘Quaesitor’ [investigator, explorator, researcher] implies he may have been sent on a specific quest at the Chapter’s behest.

The operative’s purposes and goals were never disclosed, but it could be assumed that they were either accomplished or unattainable as he was specifically recorded as leaving Precipice.

He was known to collude or cooperate with a known Ecclesiast operating in the area at least on an expedientary basis.